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NEW! Berlin Rock School!

Berlin Rock School!

The Berlin RockSchool is being pioneered by Rich Millin as part of his music and drumming education work in Berlin.

Rich has vast music education experience both in the UK and in Berlin, ranging from work with young children and the physically impaired to heading up the Drum Department at the Academy Of Music And Sound in his home town in the UK.
Rich has also been the driving force behind many initiatives and has always strived to bring the highest level of education to young musicians of all ages across all areas of music, drumming, rhythm and the music business.
Rich has been running workshops, masterclasses, music clubs, corporate workshops, group activities, classroom teaching and also teaching private 1-1 lessons for more than 15 years.

With The Berlin RockSchool, Rich is able to bring together all of his past teaching and professional experience & expertise with a passionate approach to helping young people learn about music, form a band & play together.  The idea behind the RockSchool is to promote a team (ensemble) learning environment with a fun, yet concentrated & focused learning process.
It is a superb opportunity for young people with a passion for music to learn more about what it means to be part of a band and also to explore career options in the music industry.

The students will gradually take on more responsibility for their own individual part in the band whilst paying attention to and working with the others in the group.  The collective nature of the band environment should encourage far more than just learning and playing songs together however...

There are 3 main goals for all the students to work towards:
  1. Writing original music as a band (working together with every member of the band having input in the creative process).
  2. Recording in a studio (Legato Sound Studio in Berlin have kindly offered to record the Berlin RockSchool band at the end of the summer term each year as part of their own educational initiatives).
  3. Live performance (the RockSchool band members will create their own event and I will help them to understand more about live sound, event promotions, marketing, merchandising and live performance).

So, in brief, here is what it's all about:
  • The Berlin RockSchool is open to 11 - 18 year olds who wish to learn more about music & being part of a band.
  • The Berlin Rock School will be taught exclusively in English.
  • All equipment will be provided (with the exception of plectrums and drum sticks), however, students wishing to bring their own equipment (with the exception of drums) are encouraged to do so.
  • It is mandatory for all students to bring and wear earplugs.
  • All levels of ability are considered, however a certain level of playing ability will be expected.  The RockSchool isn't entirely about instrumentation, but more the application of the chosen instrument as part of a group.
  • The Berlin RockSchool (presently) runs on Saturday afternoons from 14:00 to 16:00 at Super-Sessions proberaume in Berlin, Mitte, located at Invalidenstra├če 117, 10115 Berlin.
  • At The Berlin Rockschool students will learn about all aspects of music and music careers with the emphasis being on teamwork & interdisciplinary/cross-curricular activities.  (For more details about The Berlin RockSchool interdisciplinary/cross-curricular and the other more specific teaching areas, click here)
  • As mentioned above, the 3 goals for all students of The Berlin RockSchool are:
    1. Writing their own original music & songs
    2. Recording at a professional studio (no extra cost incurred to the students - this is included as part of the price for the RockSchool)
    3. Creating their own live event and performing live in front of an audience
  • The cost is €12.50 per student per week (2 hours).  So the usual total (4 Saturdays per month) will cost each student €50.  All equipment can be provided where necessary - please visit the Super-Sessions website for more information about their facilities.
  • Students should pay in full at the start of each month.  A certain level of commitment from every student will be expected, however, students will not be expected to pay for any lessons missed for good (or pre-discussed) reasons such as sickness or holiday.
  • The regular school holidays will also be holidays for The Berlin RockSchool - so no lessons during Summer, Christmas or half-terms.

What will be expected from the students?
A certain level of ability and commitment will be expected from all students, but mostly a love for music and a desire to be part of a band.

What can you expect from Rich and The Berlin RockSchool?
Rich can offer students access to his 15 years of teaching experience and 30 years of playing experience.  (For a full bio click here).

I think that's about it...  but, for any other questions you may have, please contact me directly via email here:

If you're interested in applying to join the Rock School, please email the following information to me here:



Which instrument do you play?:                                                                               

How long have you played your instrument?:                                                         

Which school do you go to?:                                                                                      

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