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There are a mountain of gigs coming my way over the next 6 months with various bands in various venues, towns, cities and countries!  Hopefully some of you will be able to make it to one of these:

Firstly on 16th Dec I will be playing for (at least) The Dacoits at the annual 12 Bands Of Xmas event held at The Vic in Swindon, UK.  This is always a very drunken affair where bands are asked to play any 2 cover versions in a style of their choice.   I'm sure I've had very much fun at all the previous 12bands nights - you'll have to jog my memory if you saw me at one of the last ones...

Next up is a full on rock set with The Dacoits again on 17th Dec at The Bear in Marlborough, UK.  This will be along with the wonderful Vooz (a drunken bunch of locals who always manage to tear up the joint whenever we play with them - especially Robin the last time I saw them at the Vic when he managed to fly across the stage face-first and not miss a note: Professional.)

Then is a more acoustic style Dacoits gig at The Beehive in Swindon on 20th Dec.  A little light Christmas jolly full of hot wine, hot bass player, hot chicks, hot music and a hot fireplace where the drum kit is usually set-up.

On 21st Dec is another full on Dacoits show at The Vic in Swindon to support Black Sheep Apprentice on their album launch night!  Even though I am not sure if their album is ready to launch.  Having been a very temporary drummer for BSA I am excited to see them perform with Mr Andrew Cox behind the kit.  And, as an added bonus (for me definitely!) I get to also play a set this night with the wonderful BabyTrain.  2 gigs in one night!  I don't usually get involved in such shenanigans...

After what I'm sure will be a very cold but beautiful Xmas and New Year in Berlin (and Salzgitter), I am proud to say that I have been asked by Mr David Marx to accompany him and bass player Kai Wiergert under the guise David Marx & The AK Poets.  There is a gig scheduled for early Jan in Berlin - details to follow.

Also, exciting news from the System Of A Clown camp:  We might do another gig in April!  Venue and date TBC, but it will be in the UK somewhere...

Hopefully I will see you at one or maybe more of these gigs.

So long for now


Another video from the Swindon Shuffle 2011

Thanks to Swindon Viewpoint for another great video!  Here is a link to My Sweet Insurrection by The Dacoits from this years Swindon Shuffle.
I hope you enjoy it!


old news and new news...

Here I am again!  Blogging!

I wasn't going to write for a while, but there are a couple of stories I discovered today...

After a week of English company whith two very good friends visiting from my home town (a fellow Dacoit and a fellow TrainBaby - I am still cleaning up the mess they left behind), I am now back to reading things on the internet:

The first story I came across this morning was unfortunately a bad one.  For those of us trying to make a difference and also make a living in music, it is really heart-breaking to read stuff like this...

The second story however was a nice surprise!  The top 50 Beatles covers of all time, (compiled by Paste Magazine), features the song 'Here, There and Everywhere' which I played on with my old band, belarus for a covermount CD for Mojo Magazine a few years ago.  It was a nice surprise and is an honour to be included among such amazing company!

So, one nice story and one not so nice, but both got me thinking...

...I'd better get back to work.