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Merry Xmas, 2014!

A lovely festive picture for you :-)

So, Christmas time is here again...  And that means 2015 is only a couple of weeks away.
It's been a busy, exciting, strange, happy yet mildly depressing year for me in 2014.
It started off well enough - A trip to the UK to record demos for a rather well-known singer, my drum school in Berlin starting to get busy, a few serious bits of remote session work which helped to break my studio in and various live projects in Berlin and across Germany; so all-in-all, not a bad start to the year...

...and it started to pay off too, with work leading to more work and my time being taken up more and more with recordings, teaching, shows, workshops...

The summer came and went with the end of this year full of promise, but then a series of unfortunate events meant I had to cancel everything for a month, and then with the end of the year looming it seemed like an uphill struggle to get motivated and make things happen again before the start of the new year.

The end of this year has, well, sucked.

Roll on 2015!!!!

But hang on...  this year isn't finished quite yet..., before 2014 has gone, I'd like to offer a little gift of a free drum recording for anyone who wants it!

This Friday I have some spare studio time at Legato Sound Studio in Berlin and so can offer to record drums for FREE for one song for you - this is a one-time, one-off, limited to the first person to email me their song (mp3), offer.

The usual rules apply (rules and information), apart from you won't have to give me any cash for it.  The only other exclusion is, seeing as it's a free gift, I can't offer any revisions...


And here's a list of thanks to the projects, recordings and bands I have played for this year:

Recording in 2014 - Thanks to:
The Blowbacks
Realized Soul
Josuke Sato

Live in 2014 - Thanks to:

Music education in 2014 - Thanks to:
All of my lovely students :-)

Special thanks to Ibrahim Diril at Diril Cymbals for his continued support and wonderful cymbals.

Thanks to every fantastical, amazing musician I have had the pleasure of working with this year.  I hope we can find more projects to work on next and beyond :-)
And I hope to meet more inspirational and talented people to work with in 2015!


Berlin Drum Workshops


Amazing news!

I have teamed up with Super-Sessions Musikproberäume in Berlin!

Starting on November 22nd 2014, I will be hosting the first of my monthly Drum Workshops at "Super-Sessions", covering a host of ideas aimed at intermediate and semi-professional drummers wishing to learn more about practical applications [drumming], career options and the music business [in general].

Before then, on October the 4th 2014 I will also be starting the Berlin Rock Club, a weekly club for young people aged between 14 and 18 who wish to learn more about being in a band. The first band is already full but I am already taking applications for a second band!

So, if you or if anyone you know fits the bill for either of these exciting opportunities and are interested in coming along, please get in touch - (See below for booking and contact details)!

  • The drum workshops are aimed at Intermediate to semi-professional drummers wishing to expand their knowledge and increase their skill-sets... So, if you fit the bill and are serious about being a better drummer and learning more about careers in the music business, these workshops are for you!
  • These workshops are all stand-alone workshops. You can pick and choose which one(s) will best help you improve your knowledge-base and skill-sets. The workshops will also relate heavily to each other, so when attending more than one workshop you will see links between all areas being taught. These links will be invaluable to young musicians and drummers looking for a long term career in music and drumming.
  • All workshops will be delivered in English.
  • You can book your place at one or more of the workshops by emailing me here:
  • The cost is €25 per person for a two hour workshop.
  • If you pre-book your place at 4 workshops you will get a place at a 5th workshop for free.
  • The workshops will take place on the first Saturday of each month at, starting on November 1st at 16:30 - (workshops are 2 hours long).

Workshops to choose from include:

1. Odd Time Signatures:
A look at odd and uncommon time signatures. Using examples of popular and well known songs, we will try to understand different ways of approaching playing, counting, and incorporating drum fills into odd time signatures.
2. Rudiments in Practice:
A look at using basic rudiments in your general playing. Using examples of popular and well known songs, we will try to introduce new ways of incorporating basic rudiments into your playing, both within rhythms but also within drum fills.
3. Different Styles and Genres:
Discussing different musical styles and rhythmical genres. Trying to understand how to be an adaptable drummer and musician, being able to play many different styles, rhythms and genres. Also looking at cross-genres and how musical style has influenced modern contemporary music.
4. Swing Feel and Straight Feel:
Understanding the “feel” of two very specific rhythmical styles. Looking at various examples of both styles in popular and well known songs. Also, including rudimentary studies into the feel of your playing.
5. Speed and Dynamics:
A look at increasing your own personal speed limit. Also, trying to understand the different types and ways of playing with “dynamics”. There's more to dynamic playing than just volume!
6. Careers in Music (general overview):
Looking at a comprehensive list of jobs in the music industry and establishing ways that you can find yourself a long-term career in music. We will discuss skills required and options for career progression for the individual.
7. Careers in Music (specific to Drummers):
Looking at specific careers or work areas as a drummer and discussing the skill-sets required for a successful career in your chosen area of work.
8. A Comprehensive technical study of Drumming:
A look at all of the areas that ALL drummers of every age and ability should constantly be working on. From Technique to Time Signatures and Physical Movement to Musical Awareness.
9. Teaching Drums as a Career:
Things you need to know to teach drums as a career. Understanding the skills you need and the way to run your own business.
10. What does being a “Session Musician” really mean?:
Understanding the job of the sessions musician (drummer). Looking at all areas of session work, from studio drumming & live drumming, to invoicing and communicating with a countless number of different people in the music business.

Other short courses or full workshops can be designed and run depending upon your needs and suggestions. Some ideas would be:

  • Drum Tuning
  • Drum Recording (Microphone techniques, different types of recording software, etc...)
  • Dealing with people in the music business
  • Record Deals and Publishing Deals – the differences and what these terms really mean.
  • Other ways to make money in the music business

Contact me for more information or for booking:

Rich Millin

Tel: 0163 6367 423

2014 Bio:
Rich Millin is a Session Drummer and Music Educator with over 30 years experience. Originally from the UK but now living and working in Berlin, Germany, Rich has become extremely busy in the Music Capital of Europe, with his own Drum School and a Recording Studio in locations both in central Berlin. He is also pioneering new educational ideas and activities in the city including Rock Clubs for young people and also drum workshops at various well-established Berlin education facilities. Since moving to Berlin, Rich has become an extremely busy session artist and in 2014 alone his drums have featured on no less than 7 albums and he has collaborated both live and on record for numerous artists, including:

Rich has gained huge experience in recording sessions, providing tracks to artists across the globe. He is also now experienced in studio engineering, studio production and mixing.


Recent, current and upcoming projects...

I am now officially international!

Here's a nice picture :-)

Recent, current and upcoming sessions include recordings for artists from:

England, Germany, Italy, America, Denmark, Canada, Israel, Pakistan and Japan!

(This is just a mini post - I just got excited and had to have a little boast...)

Listen to some of the sessions I have recorded here:

with more coming soon...



Halfway through the year...

So far, 2014 has been a mixed year:  Some good, some not so good, some exciting stuff, some boring stuff, some promises not kept and some very nice surprises...

As far as my music and drumming goes, I have had a lot of varied projects so far with what looks to be like a lot more to come in the second half of the year.

I will think back and start at the beginning of the year and work forward chronologically up to now, and beyond...  This list is purely for recording work.  My live shows can be viewed here.


At the beginning of this year I had the opportunity to work with two amazing singer/song-writers, one here in Germany and the other back in the UK.

Zeki Min (ex-frontman of The Driftwood Fairytales) asked if I would play drums for his debut solo-album, "Majestic".  I of course said "yes"...  So, he and Mr Hadl (producer extraordinaire and bassist for the album), came over to my place and we recorded the album live in a weekend!
The resulting album is stupendous and I am extremely proud to have been a part of it...
We also played a few shows in Berlin and I was asked to help in the creation of this interactive video too:

Click on the icons and have a play around with the awesome interactiveness!!!

If you like your music to be edgy yet familiar, glorious, yet understated and acoustic with a punk attitude, then you should definitely check Zeki's debut album "Majestic" out immediately!
Visit Zeki's website here!
Buy Zeki's debut album "Majestic" here!

Not long after recording with Zeki I was asked to fly over to England to work with Mr Josh Kumra - we spent a week writing and recording demo's for Josh's new album.  

Hopefully work on the album will commence soon and a release won't be too long in the waiting...
Visit Josh's official facebook page here!

I also have been involved with loops and beat-making.  Mr Ilkka Ala-Fossi, AKA Ile, used some of my loops in one of his songs which you can listen to on mysoundcloud, here:
"The Best Day (Demo)".
Visit Ile's SoundCloud page here!

A couple of months back started a surge of recording work with UK singer/songwriter Si Hall calling upon my [remote] service for his forthcoming E.P.
More along the lines of Chuck Ragan, Dave Hause and Tim Barry, Si's E.P. is almost ready to be unleashed on the world...
Find out more about Si Hall and his music here!

The work, coming in thick and fast, then took a slightly more exotic turn (no offence Si!):
The wonderfully colourful Mr Rameez Khalid emailed me and asked if I could record drums for his new single.

Another amazing opportunity...  I jumped at the chance and I must say it was a pleasure to work for such a talented and kind man.  I look forward to working again with Rameez sometime in the future...  Who knows, maybe I will even get to do some live work with him one day...?!
Visit Rameez's official facebook page here!

Keeping things international, I have been working on an album for Italian duo "Mr Dog The Bear".  The album is in the very early stages, but I am being encouraged to have a lot of input: Some production input (and happily a lot of creative input too!), the first song, (self-titled) can be heard on their soundcloud page here:
"Mr Dog The Bear"

This about gets me up to speed as far as the year has gone so far...
...but what does the rest of the year have in store?!!!
Well, let me divulge a little more:

There are 2 new projects definitely coming up in the next couple of months, not to mention the continuing & "in-progress" work I already spoke about and also the possibility of 2 or 3 more projects which are "under-discussion"...

The two projects coming up that I can say are both quite simply amazing:

The first is a chance for me to stretch my funk muscles.  Rachelle Jeanty has been singing professionally for the past 20 years. She has toured the world as a backing vocalist for Celine Dion and has given performances as a solo artist at ''Les Francofolies de MontrĂ©al'', with the Vienna Boys Choir and at the United Nations in New York.

A powerful and soulful presence on-stage (I've seen her twice and she is quite simply outstanding), the talented Ms Jeanty has a new project with an American based guitarist and song-smith underway, which will see me on-board as the beats man - excited is an understatement!
Visit Rachelle's website here!

The most recent session to land on my table is a studio album for Le-Thanh Ho.  This one is so fresh, all I can say at the moment is that the studio is booked for August and I am the drummer (unless I totally mess it up in rehearsals!)
Here's looking forward to working on this project as much as the rest!
Visit Le-Thanh Ho's website here!
Visit Le-Thanh Ho's official facebook page here!

So, there it is.  2014 so far with some things to look forward too :-)

And I hope you enjoy the music as much as I do.


New Video

New video for "Gambling In Denmark" by Zeki Min!

The song (and in fact the album itself) was recorded in my studio in Berlin, (I played the drums)...  :-)

You can now buy Zeki's debut album "Majestic" HERE.



Latest Session - Mr Dog The Bear

Mr Dog The Bear

The song-writing and producer team "Mr Dog The Bear" have recently employed me to record and mix some drums for their debut E.P. being released later this year...

And listen out for more coming soon...  :-)


Recent sessions...

Some of my recent recording sessions have now been completed and will soon be available to buy...

Here's one by the fantastic Zeki Min:

His debut solo album is coming out next month on Gunner Records, with the album launch party seeing us playing Live in Berlin on 6th June - you can find out more here:

Most of the recording for this album was played in two live sessions in my studio in Berlin...  :-)


 You can read more about the recording sessions on Zeki's blog site:


I have also been recording an eclectic mix for some artists from all over the world, including a single for an Indian singer and composer which mixes traditional Indian musical ideals with a western pop groove, a post-punk EP for an English singer and song-smith and starting on a soul album for an amazingly talented singer here in Berlin.  Once I have official info I can share links for both projects...

There are lost of other projects under way, but only in their infancy...  as soon as I can, I will post up some links to the lovely music I am lucky enough to be a part of.

Happy Music Days!



You can now book me for lessons or recording time, online!

For lessons at Dr. Paradiddles WonderDrumporium in Berlin, book HERE.

For recording time, book HERE, HERE or HERE.

Alternatively you can email me:



Dr Paradiddles WonderDrumporium now has it's very own website:


In other news, I have been busy playing and recording for more bands and artists from across the world...  With 4 current musical projects underway I have a busy year ahead:  2014 see's my debut outings with FlyCatFly, ZekiMin, Frog Baseball and Strangers By Day, with each of these amazing bands releasing their debut album this year!

My tour diary can be viewed here:

And, if I wasn't busy enough already, it looks like I have at least 2 more recording and live projects lined-up this year both in Germany and the UK, aaaaand, I am should also be recording some drums for Mr Si Hall - fans of Chuck Reagan pay attention!
(I should really get on that immediately before I get my arse kicked...)


New Web Presence...

I am very excited to announce that I now have listings here:


So, you can book me directly, or via one of the above links - (25% discount if you book through SoundBetter! - (limited time only))



Session Exchange

What a brilliant resource for remote session musicians!

Here's my page:

Back again...?

I flew back from England on Monday after spending 70 hours in the studio with some truly amazing musicians...

If being asked to attend a song-writing and recording session by the UK's "next biggest producer" wasn't enough, the fact that it was for Josh Kumra made it an extra special honour.  If you don't know who Josh Kumra is, you should definitely have a listen...  His songs are beautiful, his lyrics connect and his voice, well, that's something else entirely...

Mr Sam Bates
I've been lucky enough to play for some outstanding bands and musicians in my career and Josh has to be right up at the top of the list; Witnessing the magic when an artist can play a tune with perfect emotion and intent is something that always gets me, but to see it done in one take, the sun shining through the window shining off the guitar and with the fire crackling in the background, that is a moment I don't think I'll forget in a long time...

Hopefully this past weeks session won't be the last time I get to work with Josh and the team.

I am very excited about 2014.  It has obviously started extremely well, not only with the session last week, but also having already played a couple of shows with Strangers By Day.

There will definitely be more shows, not only from Strangers, but also from other projects and bands I am working with:

FlyCatFly are playing a show in Arpke, Germany in July (7th) along with some Swindoners!  I am hoping this won't be a one off!

On the same bill, and also with some stand-alone shows, I have been working with Zeki Min on his solo album (mixing in progress).  I can't wait to hear the finished product...

The extremely intense - (I think that's probably the most apt adjective) - "Frog Baseball", also have an album in the mixing stages and will be ready to explode live soon.

Dr Paradiddles WonderDrumporium is getting busier too, but still I want more!  I get bored when I don't have a million things to do!  So, if you need some drums recorded (anywhere!), or if you are in Berlin and want some drum lessons, please get in touch!


Hello 2014!


I know I'm about two weeks late to be saying that, but it's been a super busy start to 2014 for me!!!

I joined a new band last week...  having had a couple of rehearsals for the super lovely "Strangers By Day", we have two gigs already happening this week in Berlin!  (No pressure then...)

I also started and finished(!) recording an album between Christmas and New Year with "Frog Baseball" in Berlin...  We're looking to gig as soon as we get out lazy arses into gear and book some shows...

I recorded a new tune, "My Good Day" with FlyCatFly which you can hear on my Soundcloud.  The other exciting news from the FlyCat's is that we have a show booked!  (July 12th)

Dr Paradiddles WonderDrumporium is fully functional now, (apart from the sign not being painted yet), but I still have room for students so email me if you want some!

At the end of 2013 I recorded a live album in my studio with Zeki, the fantastic lead singer from The Driftwood Fairytales.  A "solo" album, we recorded everything live (drums, bass, guitar and vocals) in two days.  The mixing is underway and so we look forward to some live touring and an album release in 2014.

I am finally ready to launch a Rock Club here in Berlin at the Berlin Met.  It's been a while in the offing, but the time is finally here.

All of this not to mention the most exciting upcoming work I have...

...Next week I am flying to the UK for a week.  I am extremely excited to have been asked to work on the new album with one of the UK's most exciting young singer/songwriter's!

It's gonna be a busy year ahead full of music and drums.  I am expecting there to be a lot of recording, a lot of shows and some teaching thrown in for good measure (and the world cup)!  Here's to 2014!  Happy music!