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Merry Xmas, 2014!

A lovely festive picture for you :-)

So, Christmas time is here again...  And that means 2015 is only a couple of weeks away.
It's been a busy, exciting, strange, happy yet mildly depressing year for me in 2014.
It started off well enough - A trip to the UK to record demos for a rather well-known singer, my drum school in Berlin starting to get busy, a few serious bits of remote session work which helped to break my studio in and various live projects in Berlin and across Germany; so all-in-all, not a bad start to the year...

...and it started to pay off too, with work leading to more work and my time being taken up more and more with recordings, teaching, shows, workshops...

The summer came and went with the end of this year full of promise, but then a series of unfortunate events meant I had to cancel everything for a month, and then with the end of the year looming it seemed like an uphill struggle to get motivated and make things happen again before the start of the new year.

The end of this year has, well, sucked.

Roll on 2015!!!!

But hang on...  this year isn't finished quite yet..., before 2014 has gone, I'd like to offer a little gift of a free drum recording for anyone who wants it!

This Friday I have some spare studio time at Legato Sound Studio in Berlin and so can offer to record drums for FREE for one song for you - this is a one-time, one-off, limited to the first person to email me their song (mp3), offer.

The usual rules apply (rules and information), apart from you won't have to give me any cash for it.  The only other exclusion is, seeing as it's a free gift, I can't offer any revisions...


And here's a list of thanks to the projects, recordings and bands I have played for this year:

Recording in 2014 - Thanks to:
The Blowbacks
Realized Soul
Josuke Sato

Live in 2014 - Thanks to:

Music education in 2014 - Thanks to:
All of my lovely students :-)

Special thanks to Ibrahim Diril at Diril Cymbals for his continued support and wonderful cymbals.

Thanks to every fantastical, amazing musician I have had the pleasure of working with this year.  I hope we can find more projects to work on next and beyond :-)
And I hope to meet more inspirational and talented people to work with in 2015!