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Drum Recording Sessions - New rates, offers and studio availability

Depending upon your budget and time constraints, I am able to now offer varying deals for either remote recordings or studio sessions.

I am available to travel worldwide for both live and studio work.

Here's the low down:

Single song/Day Rate (remote) sessions from my own studio in Berlin €250
My studio is designed specifically for drum recordings and I specialise in remote sessions.  With professional microphones and equipment in place, I can offer extremely competitive drum recordings for artists on a smaller budget for their project.  Examples of recordings made in my studio can be heard here:

I am happy to negotiate deals, depending upon the amount of songs and the projected duration of the session.

Each project with more than a single song will be discussed and negotiated individually with the artist, the price agreed upon prior to booking.

Every session I agree to is treated with individual care and attention.  This is music we're making after all!  I want every single session that I am lucky enough to be a part of, a successful and happy partnership, with nothing less than 100% satisfaction from start to finish.

I will talk the project through with the you prior to booking to make sure we establish exactly what sound, vibe and attitude you want for the recording.  I will pay attention to as much detail as I can and experience has proven to me that pre-planning is an essential part of the process.  Providing me with as much detail and information about the style of the music and the drum recording you want is invaluable.
Also, providing me with a list of reference songs and/or artists will also help.

As part of the price I offer some percussion elements, such as Tambourine or Shakers etc. if required.

For remote sessions recorded in my studio, included in the price are 2 revisions of the initial recording (where needed).  This can either be minor adjustments to small parts of the initial recording or, if needed, complete re-recordings with any major changes you feel need to happen.  Either way is no problem.  This is standard and gives you the chance to offer advice for any changes you feel the recording needs and to get the perfect drum take for your song.  However, any more than 2 revisions will need further payment.

For remote sessions recorded in my studio I will do my best to turn songs around within 24 hours if needed and time permitting, but assuming there is no deadline I will usually complete projects within 1 week.
Obviously, if you are booking me to record elsewhere we will need to discuss bookings and agree upon a time-frame.  Also, when booking me to record elsewhere, bear in mind that the initial recordings and revisions can be made in my studio with the final recording being booked with the outside studio once the score and parts have been approved by you.  This will keep the costs and time to an absolute minimum.

As part of the price I can also offer to give you a "mixed" version of the drum tracks.  Once the recording has been approved by you I will obviously provide you with individual stems for each take, but have recently been sending both mixed and unmixed versions.  (My initial mix of the drum tracks will have no revisions offed, but I a happy to re-mix as many times as you like for additional charge).

When you are ready to book the session I will require 50% payment up front with the remainder paid in full when the recording is approved and before I send you the stem files (individual WAV's).
In the eventuality that an artist is not happy with my recordings (which thankfully has never happened!), I do not offer refunds for the initial 50% booking payment.  But, I would not expect the final 50% to be paid.

My Studio

(I can also record drum loops from my studio very quickly and cheaply.  Please contact me directly for a price.)

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