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Dr. Paradiddles Wonder Drumporium!

Dr. Paradiddles WonderDrumporium
Dr. Paradiddles WonderDrumporium
Dr. Paradiddles WonderDrumporium

It's been a completely "Rich Millin" few weeks here in Berlin... For any of you who know me and know how busy I generally was back in the UK, well, those times have finally fought me up in Berlin...

Firstly, I had immense pleasure to host six Drum Recording Techniques Workshops at DBS Music at the legendary Funkhaus in Berlin over the last couple of weeks.  The first two last week in the DBS studios and then the final 2 this week in the Funkhaus Studio.

Me on the kit in The Funkhaus Studio

Not only was it a special time to perform and record at a place steeped in such amazing history, but the sound was quite frankly unbelievable.

A view from my seat...

Looking down...

Secondly, I have been busy practicing lots of music for various bands ready to record some choice albums coming later this year.

Aaaaand!  Last but not least: Dr. Paradiddles Wonder Drumporium!  My new drum teaching school in the heart of Berlin is now up and running!

Dr. Paradiddles Wonder Drumporium can be found at: Solmsstra├če 16 D-10961 Berlin, Germany - (Map)

I already have a (pretty much) fully booked practice room diary but am still open for students looking to learn some drums.  I also offer  drum tuning and repair services and am even considering opening a small shop, selling spares and smaller items such as sticks and skins.

I also have a deal in place with the wonderful custom made drum manufacturer, CDS Drums - (CDS Facebook) - and am able to order anything from snares and individual drums to full kits.  See their website for what's on offer.

The rooms are also fully kitted out with 3 drum kits, speakers, headphones and some beautiful Diril Cymbals.

If you would like to know more about practice room times, drum lessons, repair or tuning services, booking me for workshops & masterclasses or buying something drummy, please email me directly:

For now this will have to do, as I am so rushed off my feet the website has to wait...


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