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Drum Teaching In Berlin

As you may, (or may not) know, I am an experienced drum teacher.  I have been educating drums, percussion, music, music performance and other music business related areas for the past 15 years or so.

Having said that, I have just had a 2 year break after relocating to Berlin in Germany and setting up my [remote] recording studio.

The time has now come however, that I am out to teach again!

I have recently acquired a small teaching studio in the heart of Berlin, (Solmsstrasse)!  I need to go and do a recon mission this week and figure out equipment needs, but I should hopefully be ready to teach there from next week! (Oct 2013)

For those interested, the price is 25 Euros per hour and you should contact me here:

There is also a small individual practice booth which can be used for any instrumentalist (or vocalists), not just drummers, to come and make some noise!  I can rent this to you for 10 Euros per hour.

Again, anyone interested should email me at the above address.

The lesson times can be any day between 10am and 8pm (8pm finish, so 7pm being the latest lesson start time).

As well as all of that, I am also running workshops and masterclasses covering many varied topics based around drums, recording, careers & music business and music performance.  These workshops are at present only available to students at DBS Music in Berlin, but I am looking to making this more publicly available.

I am also (!) going to be running some Rock School style after school clubs at an International secondary school in the centre of Berlin, hopefully also starting later this month!

(2 years off...  and now I'm too busy to even contemplate buying GTA5 dammit...)

Update...  I just signed the lease on my very own drum school here in Berlin!  I can take bookings immediately!

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