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I don't post often, but when I do there's usually a lot to discuss...

So, straight to it:

I now have two more teachers available to take students at my drum school in Kreuzberg, Berlin; "Dr Paradiddles Wonderdrumporium".

Lessons can now be offered in English or Italian and we are open for new students :-)

I am personally almost fully booked now but the other guys are happy to take on new students...

Next, my updated portfolio.  I am in the process of updating both my teaching CV and my discography.  It's been busy and I have been working with some truly amazing people this year already:

I am looking forward to the music video for the single "Cold Call" by Marakesh which should be ready in a couple of weeks.  We shot the film in February in the deep, deep south of Berlin.  It's going to look incredible I think...  I will post it and spam you all when it's online.

I have also been working with two of the UK's biggest names in studio recording and education:  BIMM and The Abbey Road Institute.

I was lucky enough to have been a part of the opening at Abbey Road, Berlin last week and helped demo the drums and studio as part of the opening night.  It was a huge honour.

If you would like to know more about studying in Berlin either at Abbey Road or BIMM, they offer very different educational programs and I am happy to talk with you more about how they work and what the deal is.

As well as working with these two amazing organisations, I am still offering workshops and masterclasses at The Academy of Music and Sound in the UK, with a trip booked this month (March).  So, if you are in Swindon or Birmingham and want some drum type lesson, let me know and we can book it in - (I will be in the UK 14th to 19th March).

Today also sees the release of the album Sharks and Butterflies from Mr Dog The Bear featuring my playing.

Last but not least, I had the extreme pleasure recently of working with a new young band, who only thought of a name for themselves after we'd recorded the album!

"Harpo Dell" spent a few hours getting drunk and playing music in my studio while I helped record and mix; an easy job when the songs and players are as good as these guys.  A raw, emotional, dark & brooding album, it was a short but beautiful experience - and Thursday I get to see them play live :-)  I am very excited...

Check out the record here.

Enough for now.

I will get on and update my CV