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Interdisciplinary/Cross-Curricular Education

Interdisciplinary/Cross-Curricular Education with the Berlin RockSchool.

The Berlin RockSchool offers a chance for young musicians to learn more about being part of a band.

But that's not all...

With 15 years of experience as a teacher and a professional musician, Rich can offer students of the Berlin RockSchool a vast range of education in many different areas of life, not just music.

Being in a band definitely has it's social aspects, so personality and learning to work well with others is a massive part of being a successful & busy musician - this also probably applies to most areas of work, and so being part of a band and as a student of The Berlin RockSchool you can expect to learn a lot of invaluable lessons about teamwork, cooperation and compromise.

There are many other areas of learning to be discovered.  Being a musician and working with others means you all need to have common goals.  This can mean simply learning to play one song together.  But, it can also mean much bigger goals, from recording music in a studio to playing a concert in front of an audience, from thinking of a band name and designing a logo to producing merchandise such as CD's, T-Shirts and more...

There are simple ideas at work too, such as basic maths, physics (acoustics).  In summary, I would suggest that being part of a band would mean you gain knowledge, experience and have continued learning in these following areas:
I will also be sharing information and my own personal knowledge and experience of very specific areas of the music business, such as:
I am also sure that students keeping a well documented RockSchool folder with song lyrics, music sheets, tabs, ideas, and an in depth diary of learning will also find this all extremely useful to count towards school work and further educational qualifications, such as the Baccalauréat Diploma.

So, all of this and you get to be in a rock band!!  What are you waiting for!!!

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