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2015 and England is calling...

I thought I'd escaped, but, it looks like the UK has me on a long bungee...

I will be on tour in the UK for 6 weeks in March and April and back again in December 2015 until 2016!  Talk about planning ahead...

So, my schedule for this year is as follows (I am writing this as much for myself as for anyone else wishing to catch up with me - I forget things...):

15th Jan 2015 - more radio shenanigans with Frog Baseball

24th Jan 2015 - RECORDING; starting work on the new album with Zeki Min

14th Feb 2015 - SHOW:Fever Creek Festival, Marie Antoinette, Holzmarktstrasse 15-18, Berlin with Nadav Meir

15th Feb 2015 - RECORDING:at The Funkhaus in Berlin with Mr Flemming Borby for his forthcoming album

Tour with Eban Brown:
6th March 2015 - SHOW:The Broadway Theatre, Barking, UK
7th March 2015 - Radio interview, Solar Radio, UK
8th March 2015 - SHOW:Lomax Theatre, Liverpool, UK
13th March 2015 - SHOW:The Harlington Theatre, Fleet, UK
14th March 2015 - SHOW:Bakewell Town Hall, Derby, UK
17th March 2015 - SHOW:The Glee Club, Birmingham, UK
18th March 2015 - SHOW:The Bierkeller, Bristol, UK
27th March 2015 - SHOW:The Hub, Southampton, UK
6th April 2015 - SHOW:Towngate Theatre, Basildon, UK

17th April 2015 - SHOW:Jugendtreff Hinterhoff, Arpke, Germany with FlyCatFly

29th May 2015 (Date TBC) - SHOW:Record Release @ Privat Club, Berlin, Germany with Le-Thanh Ho

6th June 2015 - FESTIVAL: Secret Chord Records; UK Record Label all-day-event at KAOS, Berlin, Germany with FlyCatFly, Zeki Min + maybe one or two more...?!

15th June 2015 - I have to cancel my mobile contract as I really need a new phone

12th Dec 2015 - SHOW:12 Bands of Xmas, Swindon, UK joining various fools on stage...

Other projects (both live and recording) I am involved with this year include:
Mr Dog The Bear (Italy)
Strangers By Day (Germany)
Acaurio Cósmico (Germany)
Charlotte Giers (Germany) - Legato Sound Studio session

There's me then: