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Session Recording

Equipment list
iMac running Logic Pro X
Apogee Ensemble
Digimax FS


Snare Mics
Beyer Dynamic 201
Shure SM57
Sennheiser E609

Rack Tom Mics
Beyer Dynamic 101
Beyer Dynamic 201

Floor Tom Mics
Sennheiser MD421

Bass Drum Mics
Electrovoice RE20
AKG D112

Overheads and Rooms Mics

2 x AKG Perception 420
2 x SE Electronics SE4

Hi Hats
Shure SM57

Beyer Dynamic 101

Drum Kits (Acoustic)
Pearl Masters
22 Bass
14 Snare
12 Rack Tom
14 Floor Tom

(This actual kit (in the video below) is THE kit I have in my studio in Berlin)

Other Snares
CDS Drums 14 x 6.5 Maple Stave Snare with OAK Reso wall
CDS Drums 10 x 4 Walnut Snare
Remo 12 x 5.5 Birch Snare

A huge selection of cymbals covering everything from Old Style Soul and Jazz sounds to Modern Day Rock and Pop

Other Percussion
A huge selection of percussion including tambourines, shakers, bongos, congas, quinto's, maracas, woodblocks, cowbells and more
+ One-of-a-kind custom made Crotale Set

I have my own custom studio in Berlin for remote recording solutions.
I am also available to travel worldwide for recording and live work.

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  1. Rich is a great guy! Good tone and timing.
    10/10 would recommend!!