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"Rich is the whole drumming package - brute force when required but subtlety & groove in droves for quieter work. He takes direction & new ideas on board immediately & has a great tone to his playing. Most of all his drumming is always for the song & is ego-less!"

Dave Eringa; Producer & Musician

"If you are looking for a professional drum recording, you are guaranteed to get exactly what you need from Rich. He possesses all the technical ability you could ask for, but more importantly has a great set of ears and the experience to only ever play what the song requires. His timing is exceptional, and application and work-rate first class. He is a wizard at tuning the kit and choosing the right instruments for the song. Rich is also an accomplished recordist, and the quality of the drum tracks I have heard come from his studio in Berlin are 100% suited to commercial use. Above all, Rich is a decent and honest person who is a pleasure to deal with and who never gives less than his very best."
("I have had the pleasure of recording and performing with Rich for many years now. I could gush all day about his incredible technique, broad palette of styles or his ability to nail almost anything in one take! Rich has a very musical ear - he has the perfect instinct for when to hold the song down or to give both barrels, and consistency and timing are second to none. But what Rich brings to every session that sets him apart is the excitement and sense of fun he imparts to everyone around; that's a rare thing and it's what makes everyone that works with him want to do so again and again."

Sam Bates; Producer & Musician
Western Audio

I've been working with Rich regularly for a few years both in studio and live. He's of those drummers who are highly sought after. First of all, he's a gentleman and it's just nice to spend time in his company. Then, he will learn and play your songs perfectly. If you need some input and want to make your drum parts even more interesting, the guy is absolutely musical and can really bring something special to your music. On top of that, he's totally reliable. We did remote studio work and he was punctual and delivered high quality files. Same for live shows - Rich is always on time, prepared and in good spirits. All I can say is I'm always super happy and satisfied with his work he does for my projects. Highly recommended!

Mark Gritsenko

“We gave Rich the call that we needed a drummer for festivals in Germany & the Netherlands. I emailed the tracks & clicks; within days we were in rehearsal & the tracks nailed. Rich has a great personality directly connecting to his drumming which is vibrant, powerful & full of groove."

Jon Courtney
Bullet Height


"Rich helped me out finishing a song for the new LFNT album coming out, and he is a real treat to work with!
Very professional and very talented, plus he is a real nice guy.

Good groove, Good work, Good sound.

Ran Nir

"I had the great opportunity to work with Rich for an album studio session here in Berlin. It was one of the best drum recording experiences ever. Such a well prepared and easy going TIGHT drummer is very seldom. Can only give my best and warmest recommendation."
Flemming Borby

"Working with Rich Millin was amazing, relaxed and professional. He is an 
excellent drummer, tight, creative, passionate, incredibly well prepared and concentrated. It was such a pleasure to have him around in the studio, as he is such a funny and friendly person. it was such a pleasure to work with him."
Le-Thanh Ho

"Rich Millin is not only a great drummer but also a very nice human being because in a very good manner he explains everything in his email regarding the track and how to go about the process .
Though I haven’t met him in person but would love to if I plan to travel to Germany.
He is very fast at his work but also he make sure that his client gets satisfied.
He played exactly the same what I wanted with offcourse his style.

It’s been a honor for me to collaborate with him in my first album .
I am looking forward to take his services in the next few songs too and would love to play few gigs with him Live some time soon

Best of luck for all your upcoming projects"

Rameez Khalid – Singer

"Rich's remote session service was my first experience of recording without a drummer in the same room as me, I didn't know what to expect. I'm very happy to say that the results were far beyond anything I had anticipated. Rich possess an uncanny ability to very quickly grasp the feel and style of the overall piece that you are trying to create and adapt his playing style accordingly. In my case, he was able to take the simple acoustic guitar guide and vocal that I supplied him with and lay down great sounding, brilliantly played drums that were wholly in keeping with how the track was intended to sound when all other instrumentation had been added later. It's as if he was tuned in to the finished song that had been playing in my head.
The recording quality of the drum tracks he created and the speed with which he was able to interpret what I wanted and provide me with a finished piece, was absolutely first rate. I would recommend Rich all day long for this sort of work."

Si Hall

"It's hard to put into words, the fun I had playing and recording with Rich. We recorded a whole album in two days, played everything live, and I was just so surprised when we were done in no time. The funny thing is, we had so much fun and it never felt like work, and yet it was incredibly professional.
If you are looking for a drummer who can virtually play everything, Rich is your man!
If you are looking for a creative drummer to write songs with you, Rich is your man!
If you are looking for a drummer who should just play what you have in mind, Rich is your man!
If you are looking for a drummer who can make your good songs sound great, Rich is your man!

If you are looking for a powerful, yet unbelievably soulful live drummer, Rich is your man!

No matter what you are looking for in a drummer, I am sure you'll find it in Rich.
I feel so blessed to have the honor of playing with him, live and in the studio.
Plus, he is one of the greatest persons I know to hang out with."
Zeki Min; Singer, Songwriter

"I worked on a song and I thought: 'man, some real drums would be awesome for that one'. I wrote Rich a message, sent my rough demo with programmed drums to him and about 20 minutes later I had his recorded files in my project. It made the whole song so much more alive and Rich played tight, groovy and just perfect! After that we played together in a band, he smashed all the songs at first try and because he knows his setup so well, it was great to handle, clear signals and no editing needed. ...and after I saw him playing a 2 hours set live after 1 week of practive I knew it.... Rich is THE man when it comes to drums!"

Christoph Hadl Hassel; Producer, Songwritier & Musician

"Rich has an amazing read and understood the vibe of what I'd thrown in front of him instantly. What a bonus that he is friendly and down-to-earth... he was the backbone of my most successful record to date."Morgan Finlay; Musician and Songwriter

Interview 2013:
Q. "And the most enjoyable part?"
A. "Definitely getting Rich Millin’s – an ex-Swindononian now in Berlin – huge live drum parts into the tracks. Made everything more vivid and present."
Taken from the interview (below) with Barry Andrews; Musician & Songwriter
UPDATE 2014:
"The godlike genius of Mr M. I have worked only once with Rich Millin but the project was beast: a 4 hour long theatrical production which featured much implausible metaphysical and zoological material (harpies, witches, armoured polar bears etc). The music , moreover, had to be non-rockist, orchestral in tone and epic. Without anymore of a roadmap than a short email, Rich nailed the shit out of it in one weekend - in fact, giving me far more material than I could use. The drum sound - recorded in Rich's own studio in Berlin - gave no hint of it's origins; indeed, when we put it up on the theatre's big speakers for the first time, a visible ripple of awe went through the whole production team. I took all the credit, obviously, but inside…I knew. Next weekend I saw Rich playing in UK in a pub, providing raw hooligan power behind a rather, how you say, kicking rock band. Yes, he is a drummer for all reasons. When you absolutely, positively have to rock every motherf***** in the room, use Millin. I know I will."

Barry Andrews

"Rich is the complete package. His drumming trade is beyond all blame, his Song-appreciation is outstanding. Additional, his knowledge in recording, mixing and producing gives him that excellent flair for the right tune and makes the difference between a drummer and a drummer. To work with Rich means to work with a thoroughly positive character and absolutely dependable person. A great musician and a great guy!"
Cord and Sina; flycatfly

"Rich is an absolute pleasure to work with as a person and as drummer. if you can’t afford to waste time and need a one track drummer that can play anything from feather light jazz to snare tearing rock he’s definitely the guy for you."
Idan Altman, Producer

Reference: Rich Millin
"I have known Rich as a local musician for a couple of years now and he has taught at the Academy of Music and Sound in Swindon for half of that time.
Rich is a unique teacher.  He has the ability to build a rapport with students that I have not witnessed with any other teacher.  His students attend regularly, complete work on time and to a high standard, and he keeps them happy and motivated.
He is an authoritative teacher when he needs to be, but most of the time the line between teacher and student is blurred in such a way that Rich’s students learn without being aware of it.  A rare talent.
Rich has the enviable ability to communicate with his class on their level.  He doesn’t have to try especially hard; he just does it.
As a teacher Rich always has a positive demeanour.  He is relaxed, passionate about his craft, optimistic, self-motivated, ambitious, a good communicator and full of boundless energy.
Rich is also a very fine player, extremely well respected in the local music community and a name that everyone knows.
I have been impressed by some of the unique ideas that Rich has introduced to his teaching.  A recent example was an idea for physical fitness that Rich suggested to the Academy.  He talked to a local gym about taking in his drum students for a health and fitness session to make them aware of the importance of physical well-being to a drummer.... excellent stuff!
I have absolutely no reservations whatsoever in recommending Rich to you.  He will not let you down and he will undoubtedly become a positive and indispensable member of your teaching staff."

Steven A Leigh - Centre Manager
The Academy of Music & Sound, Swindon

Reference: Rich Millin
"Rich is the most inspiring person I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. Rich’s lessons are like no other with an injection of an eclectic, electrical flare. At the drop of a hat Rich has been able to cover lessons, teach new units and support additional workloads. Without breaking a sweat Rich adapts lessons to meet student’s needs, ranging from the easily distracted to dyslexic and autistic students.  Rich is an essential beam of light needed to bind and support a team and inspire learning throughout."

Rosie Reid - Course Coordinator
The Academy of Music and Sound, Swindon.

Reference: Rich Millin, drum teacher
"Rich has taught drum kit at The Commonweal School for 4 years (2007 – 2011).  The Commonweal School is a performing arts specialist school for students’ aged 11-16.  It offers students a full and varied education and prides itself in the high quality performing arts curriculum that it provides.
Whilst part of Commonweal School, Rich has maintained professional relationships with students and taught to a high standard.  Almost all of his GCSE students have gained an A* in their performance exams and this is down to tremendous support and guidance by Rich himself in choosing the correct repertoire and coaching them through it.  Rich is aware of the requirements for both the AQA and Edexcel GCSE syllabus.
Rich is punctual, reliable and an excellent communicator.  Where lessons have had to be re-scheduled, he has communicated this well in advance in order for students to be aware of their lesson times.  Rich has regularly helped the school when preparing for performances by teaching students specific pieces and supporting events.
Rich plans his lessons to a high standard and is always fully equipped for lessons with laptop, backing tracks, spare sticks and a smile!  His students all thoroughly enjoy their drum lessons and are sad to see him moving on to pastures new.  Rich has made such a positive impact on the staff and students at Commonweal School that his replacement has big shoes to fill."

Alison Sutcliffe - Head of Music
The Commonweal School, Swindon
0044 (0)1793 612727

From the Physically Impaired Unit at The Commonweal School, Swindon:
The TA at Commonweal School who was with [the student] (severely disabled student) has told me that ”Rich was excellent with [the student] – adapted everything to meet his needs, gave him pencils to act as practice drumsticks and really made an effort to involve [the student].”
[the student] himself told me “Rich was kind and very helpful. I thought he was good at teaching me the drums and he taught me more than I thought I would learn & helped me improve a lot.  I liked him and thought he was a good teacher”.

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