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In a random order, here are some live and studio videos from bands I have played for:
Turn Around, by Losers @ Camden Rocks Festival 2017

Cold Call, by Marakesh

A Corona style live video as performed by a bunch of Strangers - including me.

Where I Wanted To Be, by The Incredible Disappearing Boy

Hand Grenade (Live - Inicat Session, Berlin), by Marakesh

Recording The Incredible Disappearing Boy - A short film by Henry Meredith & Thom Gardner

Prison Song, System Of A Clown (SOAD Tribute) @ The Furnace, Swindon

A Perfect And His Slave, by FlyCatFly

We Own The Here And The Now, by Zeki Min

My fourth debut gig of 2014 with FlyCatFly at HINTERHOF ARPKE  :-)

New Video (June 2014)from Zeki Min - album recorded in my Berlin studio, drums played by me :-)

From a Masterclass at The Academy Of Music And Sound In Exeter, 2012: Blink 182, 'Anthem Pt2'.  I actually do a stick spin in this one.  Sorry.
I also do some weird chicken head thing at the end...?!  (I hate to watch myself play...)

From a Masterclass at The Academy Of Music And Sound In Exeter, 2012: Biffy Clyro's 'That Golden Rule'.

'Blind In Both Eyes', by Fly Cat Fly @ Culture Container, Berlin, 2015.

From a Masterclass at The Academy Of Music And Sound In Exeter, 2012: System Of A Down, 'Soil'.  The very beginning of the song is missing, and halfway through I get put off by a guitar falling off the wall, (sorry AMS Exeter - it wasn't my fault!), but other than that I think it's pretty good

After 4 rehearsals to learn a 14 song set, this was (video above) my 4th Driftwood Fairytales show in Arpke, Germany, February 2013...  And it was awesome; it has to go down as one of the best I've ever been a part of.
 (And I even throw in some backing vocals too!)

Home By Twelve by The Dacoits, live at Riffs Bar, Swindon.

Gravity video by The Dacoits.

The Dacoits at The Bear in Marlborough.

System Of A Clown at The Furnace in Swindon, August 2011.

The Dacoits at the Big Arts Day in Swindon 2011.

Another video from The Bear in Marlborough.

This video is from the Faringdon arts day 2011.  I'm not sure who filmed this footage, but thank you!

A live version of Gravity by The Dacoits, again filmed at The Bear in Marlborough.

Somebody Wrong, by Flemming Borby

Music video for 'belarus' - Standing In The Right Place.

I finally found the video evidence!!!
The drum kit I use for my recordings can be seen and heard here:

 This really is the actual drum kit I use for all my recordings in my studio in Berlin...

A recording session (Feb 2013) at my studio in Berlin for the Eintracht Braunschweig FC official song of the season can be viewed on Facebook HERE.

Other videos, including live footage of me playing at MusikMess in Frankfurt, April 2013, can be seen on my Facebook Group here:

More Video Links, Thanks to Swindon Viewpoint:

The Dacoits, Father Figure, Live (Vimeo)
The Dacoits, Keep On Moving, Live (Vimeo)
The Dacoits, Home By Twelve, Live (Vimeo)
The Dacoits, HolyMan, Live (Vimeo)
The Dacoits, Insurrection, Live (Vimeo)
The Dacoits, Keep On Moving, Music Video
BabyTrain, Someone Else's Lies, Live (Vimeo)
Black Sheep Apprentice, Black Sheep Apprentice, Live (Vimeo)
Black Sheep Apprentice, Let It Go, Live (Vimeo)
Black Sheep Apprentice, Tail Lights Fade, Live (Vimeo)
Black Sheep Apprentice, Re-Awakened To Danger, Live (Vimeo)

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