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New Videos

I just found some video footage from a Masterclass I ran last year at The Academy Of Music And Sound in Exeter based around different time signatures.  I used some free video editing software to edit the tracks, so please excuse the big watermark...  Still, you'll hopefully be able to see and hear enough to get the idea.

Firstly is Blink 182, 'Anthem Pt2'.  I actually do a stick spin in this one.  Sorry.
(I hate to watch myself play...)

Next is Biffy Clyro's 'That Golden Rule'.  Again, I pull some really stupid face at the end...

Finally is System Of A Down, 'Soil'.  The very beginning of the song is missing, and halfway through I'm put off by a guitar falling off the wall, (sorry AMS Exeter - it wasn't my fault!)

You can see more of me playing on my Videos page.  Or, I now have a youtube channel here:
I will endeavour to update all this as much and as often as I can.

I might end up making some videos specifically to show off my drumming ability, but, to be honest I hate covers videos and showing off, so these may well end up being the only ones...  At least for now...



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