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Rich Millin

I have had many varied professional jobs in the music business over the past 20 years and continue to share my time between

Music Education
Live and Studio Sessions
Music Production & Song Writing
Artist Management

The above is only a very brief summary of the amount of work I am heavily involved with.


I have been an extremely busy professional musician and music educator for the past 20 years, recording and performing for over 100 artists and having taught over 1500 students.
As a musician I have played live, worked with and recorded for countless artists across the world, including the artists and/or members of:

Oasis, Alicia Keys (band), High Flying Birds, IAMX, Suede, The Manic Street Preachers, The Automatic, youcodenameis:milo, Cooper Temple Clause, Losers, Bullet Height, Marakesh, Asaf Avidan (band - The Mojo's), Jesus Jones, Tribes Of The City, The Stylistics (Eban Brown), Celine Dion's band, Pure Reason Revolution, XTC, Dream Theatre, Julian Cope and Josh Kumra.
I am currently writing, recording or touring with countless artists worldwide.
I have successfully instigated, initiated, founded and directed many businesses in the music business and music education, such as music festivals, educational programs, a record label, music websites & blogs, a music management company, schools, music clubs (after-school clubs) and recording studios.
I am founder/director of my own drum and music school in the centre of Berlin and have initiated a rockschool club in partnership with a number of International schools & a rehearsal space in the centre of Berlin.

I run regular drum and music business workshops in the centre of Berlin, as well as run masterclasses and seminars at various locations, schools, colleges and music universities.

I have my own recording studio which has expanded from being drum specific, to now offering full production, mixing and song-writing & arrangement for solo artists or full bands.

I am an experienced Music Teacher, having been on the Board of Directors for the Swindon Music Cooperative to now being a part of the BIMM Berlin Assessment team. In England, I taught at The Academy of Music and Sound, and since relocating to Berlin I have continued my occasional visiting lectures and classes in the UK.

Since relocating to Berlin I have worked with The Abbey Road Institute, DBS and BIMM in Berlin.
I have toured with or played shows alongside many well known bands and artists, as well as appearing at Berlinale, Truck Festival, The Great Escape Festival in Brighton, playing the Empire Movie Magazine Awards and the Kerrang! Awards.

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