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Recent sessions...

Some of my recent recording sessions have now been completed and will soon be available to buy...

Here's one by the fantastic Zeki Min:

His debut solo album is coming out next month on Gunner Records, with the album launch party seeing us playing Live in Berlin on 6th June - you can find out more here:

Most of the recording for this album was played in two live sessions in my studio in Berlin...  :-)


 You can read more about the recording sessions on Zeki's blog site:


I have also been recording an eclectic mix for some artists from all over the world, including a single for an Indian singer and composer which mixes traditional Indian musical ideals with a western pop groove, a post-punk EP for an English singer and song-smith and starting on a soul album for an amazingly talented singer here in Berlin.  Once I have official info I can share links for both projects...

There are lost of other projects under way, but only in their infancy...  as soon as I can, I will post up some links to the lovely music I am lucky enough to be a part of.

Happy Music Days!