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Berlin Drum Workshops


Amazing news!

I have teamed up with Super-Sessions Musikproberäume in Berlin!

Starting on November 22nd 2014, I will be hosting the first of my monthly Drum Workshops at "Super-Sessions", covering a host of ideas aimed at intermediate and semi-professional drummers wishing to learn more about practical applications [drumming], career options and the music business [in general].

Before then, on October the 4th 2014 I will also be starting the Berlin Rock Club, a weekly club for young people aged between 14 and 18 who wish to learn more about being in a band. The first band is already full but I am already taking applications for a second band!

So, if you or if anyone you know fits the bill for either of these exciting opportunities and are interested in coming along, please get in touch - (See below for booking and contact details)!

  • The drum workshops are aimed at Intermediate to semi-professional drummers wishing to expand their knowledge and increase their skill-sets... So, if you fit the bill and are serious about being a better drummer and learning more about careers in the music business, these workshops are for you!
  • These workshops are all stand-alone workshops. You can pick and choose which one(s) will best help you improve your knowledge-base and skill-sets. The workshops will also relate heavily to each other, so when attending more than one workshop you will see links between all areas being taught. These links will be invaluable to young musicians and drummers looking for a long term career in music and drumming.
  • All workshops will be delivered in English.
  • You can book your place at one or more of the workshops by emailing me here:
  • The cost is €25 per person for a two hour workshop.
  • If you pre-book your place at 4 workshops you will get a place at a 5th workshop for free.
  • The workshops will take place on the first Saturday of each month at, starting on November 1st at 16:30 - (workshops are 2 hours long).

Workshops to choose from include:

1. Odd Time Signatures:
A look at odd and uncommon time signatures. Using examples of popular and well known songs, we will try to understand different ways of approaching playing, counting, and incorporating drum fills into odd time signatures.
2. Rudiments in Practice:
A look at using basic rudiments in your general playing. Using examples of popular and well known songs, we will try to introduce new ways of incorporating basic rudiments into your playing, both within rhythms but also within drum fills.
3. Different Styles and Genres:
Discussing different musical styles and rhythmical genres. Trying to understand how to be an adaptable drummer and musician, being able to play many different styles, rhythms and genres. Also looking at cross-genres and how musical style has influenced modern contemporary music.
4. Swing Feel and Straight Feel:
Understanding the “feel” of two very specific rhythmical styles. Looking at various examples of both styles in popular and well known songs. Also, including rudimentary studies into the feel of your playing.
5. Speed and Dynamics:
A look at increasing your own personal speed limit. Also, trying to understand the different types and ways of playing with “dynamics”. There's more to dynamic playing than just volume!
6. Careers in Music (general overview):
Looking at a comprehensive list of jobs in the music industry and establishing ways that you can find yourself a long-term career in music. We will discuss skills required and options for career progression for the individual.
7. Careers in Music (specific to Drummers):
Looking at specific careers or work areas as a drummer and discussing the skill-sets required for a successful career in your chosen area of work.
8. A Comprehensive technical study of Drumming:
A look at all of the areas that ALL drummers of every age and ability should constantly be working on. From Technique to Time Signatures and Physical Movement to Musical Awareness.
9. Teaching Drums as a Career:
Things you need to know to teach drums as a career. Understanding the skills you need and the way to run your own business.
10. What does being a “Session Musician” really mean?:
Understanding the job of the sessions musician (drummer). Looking at all areas of session work, from studio drumming & live drumming, to invoicing and communicating with a countless number of different people in the music business.

Other short courses or full workshops can be designed and run depending upon your needs and suggestions. Some ideas would be:

  • Drum Tuning
  • Drum Recording (Microphone techniques, different types of recording software, etc...)
  • Dealing with people in the music business
  • Record Deals and Publishing Deals – the differences and what these terms really mean.
  • Other ways to make money in the music business

Contact me for more information or for booking:

Rich Millin

Tel: 0163 6367 423

2014 Bio:
Rich Millin is a Session Drummer and Music Educator with over 30 years experience. Originally from the UK but now living and working in Berlin, Germany, Rich has become extremely busy in the Music Capital of Europe, with his own Drum School and a Recording Studio in locations both in central Berlin. He is also pioneering new educational ideas and activities in the city including Rock Clubs for young people and also drum workshops at various well-established Berlin education facilities. Since moving to Berlin, Rich has become an extremely busy session artist and in 2014 alone his drums have featured on no less than 7 albums and he has collaborated both live and on record for numerous artists, including:

Rich has gained huge experience in recording sessions, providing tracks to artists across the globe. He is also now experienced in studio engineering, studio production and mixing.

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