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Back again...?

I flew back from England on Monday after spending 70 hours in the studio with some truly amazing musicians...

If being asked to attend a song-writing and recording session by the UK's "next biggest producer" wasn't enough, the fact that it was for Josh Kumra made it an extra special honour.  If you don't know who Josh Kumra is, you should definitely have a listen...  His songs are beautiful, his lyrics connect and his voice, well, that's something else entirely...

Mr Sam Bates
I've been lucky enough to play for some outstanding bands and musicians in my career and Josh has to be right up at the top of the list; Witnessing the magic when an artist can play a tune with perfect emotion and intent is something that always gets me, but to see it done in one take, the sun shining through the window shining off the guitar and with the fire crackling in the background, that is a moment I don't think I'll forget in a long time...

Hopefully this past weeks session won't be the last time I get to work with Josh and the team.

I am very excited about 2014.  It has obviously started extremely well, not only with the session last week, but also having already played a couple of shows with Strangers By Day.

There will definitely be more shows, not only from Strangers, but also from other projects and bands I am working with:

FlyCatFly are playing a show in Arpke, Germany in July (7th) along with some Swindoners!  I am hoping this won't be a one off!

On the same bill, and also with some stand-alone shows, I have been working with Zeki Min on his solo album (mixing in progress).  I can't wait to hear the finished product...

The extremely intense - (I think that's probably the most apt adjective) - "Frog Baseball", also have an album in the mixing stages and will be ready to explode live soon.

Dr Paradiddles WonderDrumporium is getting busier too, but still I want more!  I get bored when I don't have a million things to do!  So, if you need some drums recorded (anywhere!), or if you are in Berlin and want some drum lessons, please get in touch!

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