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Thursday 1st December 2011 saw the official launch of my new endeavour:

Click here to visit DRUMAZINE!

This is a mini on-line blogazine dedicated to drums and drummers and drum education and all that kind of nerdy stuff...

There are three main things I want Drumazine to share with the world.  They are:

  1. My thoughts about drum education!  Not that I think I'm right, or better than anyone else or that I know more than anyone else, but I do have some ideas...  You might not agree with my ideas, but that's the point!  I want to hear your thoughts too.  I want to know if you disagree and why.
  2. INTERVIEWS!  Type #1:  Interviews with drummers!  Some interviewees will be "famous", some will be "semi-famous", some you will never of heard of and maybe one or two will be some of you!  I want to ask questions which will give insight into a broad ranging and diverse cross-section of drummers, drum teachers and drum students from around the world.*
  3. INTERVIEWS! Type #2: Interviews with instrument manufacturers!  I am a bit tired of the "Branding Giants"; you know, the big boys.  The heavyweights.  The giants of instruments manufacture that everyone knows.  I am bored of them saying that they are the best, just because Johnny Fathands from whatever band-of-the-moment is using there stuff.  I am not however, saying that they are not the best.  I am just saying "what about the little guys?"**  Those small companies from Slovenia or Brazil or Turkey that are tirelessly working away super hard making quality instruments by hand and not getting any press or recognition because they can't afford to spend $1,000,000 on advertising.  These are the people I am interested in sharing with my readers.  There are some amazing companies out there that you probably haven't ever heard of but probably should know about.  And the big-boys have too much press already anyway...  :-)
So, there you go.  That's what it's all about.  It's still only 2 days old, (so please be gentle), but go have a look and share it with all your drum nerd friends!

AH!  I forgot about the little * & ** I put just now:

*For the interviews with drummers - if you have any ideas about drummers you would like to see interviewed and questions that you would ask them, please get in touch with me and I will do my best to make it happen.  I have already had huge success with this concept and would like to carry it on...

**If you are a "smaller" manufacturer and you would like some free press and advertising, please also get in touch and I will be happy to interview you about your products and share your company with the drumming world!

That's all for now - go check it out:

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