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There's a new teacher in town...

Dr. Paradiddles is happy to introduce a new teacher... Debbie Knox-Hewson.


Dr. Paradiddles WonderDrumporium​'s new teacher Debbie, has made the short-list for the best new drummer 2015!


Debbie is the touring drummer with Charli XCX.  An alumna of BIMM in the UK, Debbie recently moved to Berlin, Germany and has joined Rich at Dr Paradiddles.

She is currently accepting students of all ages and ability from January 2016.  This is a great opportunity to start learning drums as a new instrument or improving your ability. Don't forget to inquire about package deals, intense courses and discounts...  :-)

A masterclass drummer with oodles of experience behind her, Debbie is an amazing person to have at Dr P's and I am extremely honoured to have her teaching here.

Find out more about Debbie HERE.

Contact Rich or Debbie to book your session HERE.

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