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New Music

New Choons, New Website, New News!

It seems, even when I'm not busy I have plenty to do...

2016 hasn't seemed quite so crazy as the past few years, but, nevertheless, I have managed to cram in a huge amount of stuff in the first 9 months.

My drum school got flooded, giving me a good excuse to finally give the place a long overdue overhaul.
I even made a new website for it :-)

I think it looks pretty cool.

I also made a shop with some nice Dr P's 

Not to mention all the records, one already out and others coming out in the next few weeks which I have been proud to be a part of!

This year I began working with Marakesh.  If you want to know more you can read stuff here.

You can watch some more videos here.

And you can "like" on facebook here.

Today(!) see's the release of a new single from Mr Dog The Bear: "Fireflies"

There are two record release shows also imminent.  The first from Vincent Bella for his upcoming album and the second from Rockn Rollf!.  Both shows will be in Berlin and I intend to make sure I am at both parties!
Incidentally, both records were recorded at Legato Sound Studios in Berlin, with my good friends Giulio and Nadav behind the desk.  I love working there :-)

So, if you're around in Berlin on either (or both) the following dates, make sure to come and drink and party with some great music!

Album Release Party!
23rd Septemeber

Album Release Party!
4th October

I am also very lucky, (pun intended), to be work on some new music with this lovely and talented lady:

You should immediately go and listen to her music, and catch a live show if you can...  Incredible stuff!

I am sure there's more news, but that'll do for now

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