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It's been a busy couple of month for remote sessions.  I have been kind of inundated with work, which is great and I have been working with some amazingly lovely and talented people from all over the place!  Here's what I've been up to:

Firstly was the fantastic Morgan Finlay, who asked me to record 4 tracks from his forthcoming album, "Fault Lines".  One track I played, "The Fisherman's Son", is up on Soundcloud as a pre-release listen.

You can hear it here:

The Fisherman's Son by Morgan Finlay.

I think the album is due for release next month - I can't wait to hear it.

Next was Mike Salisbury, a groovy Blues guitarist with a voice full of soul from Florida.  I recorded one track, "Mr Green", for his forthcoming EP which will be released sometime soon.

At the moment, the song is still in the mix-stage, but you can listen to Mike's music here:

Mike Salisbury on Soundcloud.

I have also been recording drums and percussion for the stage adaptation of The Golden Compass.
This project is due to be staged next month in the UK.

Not to mention the on-going FlyCatFly project, with
the first batch of 4 tunes recorded at my studio here in Berlin and with more recording booked in for later this month, the album should hopefully be ready for a full airing early next year.

There are other little bits and bobs coming my way, but it's never busy enough, so if you or anyone you know needs any drums or percussion, please contact me:

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