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New Album and 2017 to date...

Hello again!

(I never know a good opening for a blog post...)

Anyway, there it is.  I am writing again to share more news about stuff I am doing:

After a successful few shows with Losers in the summer, I had impressed enough to grab the notice of another band, whom, short a drummer, asked if I could jump on board for a couple of shows.

The incredibly good Bullet Height (Sony), with who Losers played in May in Berlin, contacted me a couple of weeks back.  Their drummer Michael was on tour with another of his bands, and so I ended up traveling 20 hours in a van over 3 days to the Czech border and then across to Holland.

The shows, the music and the band themselves were (and are) very very cool.
I had some amazing fun and am extremely happy they asked me to join for this mini tour :-)  Thanks guys!

People reading: If you don't know Bullet Height, you should definitely check them out and immediately make a purchase of their debut album "No Atonement".  It's GREAT!

Next up is a new album due for release on playdead sometime before the end of the year.

Mr Dog The Bear's 2nd album features a host of guest musicians and vocalists, making it something a little different from the first record.

I am well excited!

Just a short post today, but there will be more soon.

Dr Paradiddles may have some news in the next week or two too!

Happy Sunday!

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