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New Videos

I am in some new videos!  Watch them below:


Firstly, a recording session I did in March this year in the UK, with The Incredible Disappearing Boy himself, Mr Sam Bates.

Also in the studio were the hugely talented Cinzano Taylor and Jon Bucket to help make this record one of the best I've ever been a part of.

Thanks to all you fantastic guys and also to Paj and Henry and Thom for the videos.

This is "Where I Wanted To Be" by The Incredible Disappearing Boy.

You can also watch the documentary about the making of the EP here:


Next up is a live video from the record release show for my band FlyCatFly.  Recorded by Eike Klingspohn and filmed and recorded by the venue Hinterhof Arpke (all of these guys totally rock), this song is "A Perfect And His Slave".  Interestingly, this song isn't actually featured on our debut album, but it will be on the follow up - which is already under way!


Another 'studio shot' music video comes from Mr Flemming Borby and his Flying Saucers band - (I am a flying saucer; another interesting fact is that there is a flying saucer picture on the front cover of the FlyCatFly album!)

This one was made at the legendary Funkhaus in Berlin earlier this year and was shot and edited by Chris Koll.
The song is "Somebody Wrong" and is out as a single now.  It is also from Flemmings forthcoming album, out in the summer 2015.


Last but definitely not least is another video from Zeki Min's debut album I played drums on.  We're recording the follow up next month in Bremen, Zeki's new home town...