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New releases

So much has been happening!  I have hardly had time to sleep...

...and I really don't know where to begin.

I am gonna go with alphabetical order:

A.  Arttraktiv Berlin.  I have been working with these guys the past few months to help advise and build a new recording studio.  The project is underway and should be completed by the end of the summer.  We have some amazing equipment being installed and I will be heading up the producer team, (including myself), with a bunch of super fantastic guys on-board ready for any music project.  They even have a grand piano in the place - it's amazing!  I am very honoured and excited to be working on such a fantastic project and can't wait until it's ready to go!  If you need a place to record and want your choice of producer, contact me or directly with arttraktiv -
They also have hundreds, (literally!), of practice rooms, alongside music education programs and other musically creative spaces.  GET INVOLVED!
B. The Blowbacks.  I hear that the album is almost finished...  Until it's release, go have a listen to some of the tunes on their Soundcloud here.

C. Cymbals.  I have been using Diril Cymbals for about 7 years now.  They are amazing handmade Turkish cymbals, which not only compete sonically and visually with the top name brands, but also cost half the price...  In fact, I would go so far as to say, these actually exceed (in most cases) the top end series of the big 4 or 5 top name brands; These cymbals really are twice the value and without any compromise.  I love them.  If you want to try some or need any new cymbals, get in touch - I can order direct from Turkey.

D. Deja Nova Trio.  An even further departure in style from my rock roots.  I have joined this beautiful Harp and Bass duo to complete the trio on stage and hope to perform more in the future.  Swing and Jazz style loveliness.

F. Flemming Borby.  Having recorded on Flemming's album "Somebody Wrong" earlier this year, the record is now out to buy.  We also played a couple of shows to release the video and the single "Somebody Wrong" here in Berlin and look forward to the official album release party in September.  Listen on Soundcloud here.  Watch the Video for "Somebody Wrong" here.

I. The Incredible Disappearing Boy.  The record is out now.  If you like Americana style music, check out this EP.  One of the finest I've ever had the pleasure of playing on, and with some deservedly fantastic reviews, this EP should be in your record collection...  (even if you don't like Americana - it should still be in your record collection).

L. Le-Thanh.  Well, what can I say about Le-Thanh...?  I recorded the album last year and it finally had it's release a month or so back.  Instead of trying to describe the sound, it's probably better if you read a review, or even better, listen for yourself and decide for yourself how beautiful this record actually is.  (Or maybe watch this video of us playing in a cinema)

M. Mr Dog The Bear.  Post-Rock, Alternative, Instrumental, Soundtrack style goodness...  The first EP from Mr Dog The Bear will be out in September/October this year but work towards the second EP is already underway...  There have been a couple of nice reviews for the debut release already and also some airplay!  Listen here, here, here, watch here, or here and read a lovely review here!!!

N. Nadav Meir.  Nadav is an Israeli singer-songwriter.  I recorded drums for his debut album earlier this year and it's now out to buy.  A collection of emotional songs, this was an amazing album to have been a part of.  Listen here.  Or even better - buy it now and listen again and again...

P. Pop Music, Song-Writing and Production.  Last year was extremely busy for recording, having been featured on about 17 albums and music projects around the world.  It's strange as a busy session musician - It's embarrassing to admit, but I sometimes forget some of the work I've done...  A friend recently asked me how I manage to do so much; I think I just prepare for whatever the next project is, whether it's a live show or a studio recording or a music video.  Then I move on to the next one.  So, it's easy to lose track of some things as I always seem to be moving forward.

I even find it hard to update this blog so often - I think my last post was about 4 months ago.

Anyway, I digress...  In the past 4 month (since my last post), some interesting work has come my way and I have diversified hugely, opening up a lot of new opportunities for myself.  Not only am I playing drums for an eclectic and assorted collection of bands and musicians, teaching at my school, working on a new studio build and running my rockschool club for young musicians, but I am now also mixing, writing and producing music.  The first proper project I have is co-writing an album with German pop singer Charlotte Giers.  It is a challenge, but it is amazing work and so exciting to be involved in so many new creative ways.  I think I have found a new love in production and song-writing.  Creating music in the studio is, it seems, my latest passion.  And I am excited about what Charlotte and I can produce together. 

R. Radio & Reviews.  BBC Radio Introductiong, Radio 1 Germany, Amazing Radio and many, many reviews for a lot of the music I have recorded.  Here's a list:

Amazing Radio - Mr Dog The Bear
Radio 1, Germany - Le-Thahn
BBC Radio Introducing - The Blowbacks (no longer available online)
BBC Radio Introducing - FlyCatFly (no longer available online)
Sentric Music Podcast - The Incredible Disappearing Boy
Dancing About Architecture Album Review - Le-Thahn
Dancing About Architecture Album Review - FlyCatFly
Gig Monkey Review - The Incredible Disappearing Boy
Americana UK Review - The Incredible Disappearing Boy
The Siren Sound Review - Mr Dog The Bear

S. Sticks. Agner Swiss Drumsticks are now supporting me and Dr Paradiddles Wonder Drumporium!  Whoop!

T. Teaching.  I still have space available for private students at Dr Paradiddles.  I am still running drum workshops at Super Sessions, Berlin and will probably be offering some workshops in the UK later this year (December) as well as something more regular at Arttraktiv, Berlin.  I am in need of a bass player for my Rockschool band.  Hit me up should you be interested in any of this.

U. UK.  Sam Bates.  Sam.  He seems to be the only reason I travel back to the UK.  I have flights booked mid-August to record an album which Sam is producing.  He won't even tell me who for.  I love you Sam.

V. Verb.  This project is so new that I can't give you any links or pictures or anything!  But, I can tell you what it's all about:  I am so so lucky that I have began making some sounds with Ksenia Zake, the unbelievable Latvian singer and guitarist, formerly the front woman from Tribes Of The City.  It's just the two of us so far, but we are making a lot of noise...  Watch this space.
Listen to Tribes Of The City here.
Watch a video here.

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